Chia Seed Pudding With a Mixed Berry Jam

Yields 2 servings



½ cup chia seeds

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

2 cups mixed berries, frozen

1 cup strawberry yogurt


1. In a medium glass bowl with a lid, add the chia seeds and the unsweetened almond milk. Stir together with a spoon and cover the container. Store in the refrigerator over night.

2. In a small pot over medium heat, add the mixed berries. Stir together for 10 minutes until the fruit begins to turn liquid. Remove from heat and set aside.

3. To prepare the pudding mixture, choose two small glasses. Layer half of a cup of strawberry yogurt. Next add half of the chia seed pudding in each glass. Lastly, add half of the berry jam to each dish.

4. Serve immediately. Enjoy!